Enhance Your Design With Lighting

Create an effective lighting design that meets industry lighting standards, under budget

Seeking out light is fundamentally wired into our primitive survival skills.

Despite hundreds of years of evolution, we remain wary of the dark and what might be lurking in the shadows. We light our cities, roads and footpaths to feel safe.  We place motion-detection security lights around our homes and leave our office lights on to ward off the dangers of the night. Instinctively, light brings us refuge and creates a sense of comfort in a space.

Light also has the power to guide and interest us. The human eye is drawn to the brightest object in a space, and when you take into consideration that we are naturally drawn to lit areas, an effective lighting design can be used to direct attention and guide people in the space.

Creating a lighting design that achieves this, however, is becoming increasingly difficult with rising prices and ever changing industry standards. Often finding lighting that fits both your budget and the requirements is difficult, so when you are lucky enough to source something that ticks all the boxes, the tendency is to stick with it for the entire design.

If you find yourself doing this on a regular basis, then I urge you to consider the proverbial phrase “less is more”.

First written in 1855 by Robert Browning in his poem Andrel del Sarto, the phrase “less is more” is now more famously associated with architect and furniture designer Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. Mies was known for being one of the founders of twentieth-century architectural style alongside Frank Lloyd Wright and Walter Gropius.

Mies worked on the principles of clarity and simplicity, reducing a design to its necessary elements with open, flowing spaces.

Whether we mean it or not, modern architecture and interior designs often follow Mies’ objective which leaves so many beautiful ways to bring the space to life with light! With a few simple and well placed luminaires, you have the ability to tell a story with the space that draws people in and creates a sense of comfort.

If you’re like me, you became a designer to create something amazing and often, you can achieve a more effective lighting design that meets industry standards and uses less lights by simply choosing a complementary mix.

By working closely with a specialised lighting designer like mLight, you can be switched on to unlimited opportunities. Avoid default thinking to meet industry standards and create effectively designed spaces that draw people in and entice them to use.

For further information on choosing the right lighting distribution to create an effective lighting design that meets industry standards, contact one of our experienced Product Consultants on 03 8786 3311.