Future-Proof Your Lighting Design With Lumen Packages

Product Consultant, Adrian Marturano, shares the easiest and most accurate way to choose the right LED's for your project.

By Adrian Marturano

As a Product Consultant for mLight, I’ve seen hundreds of lighting specifications and I often get asked for help when it comes to choosing the right lights for my client’s projects, quickly and easily.

Gone are the days of using wattage to determine which lights are suitable for a particular application. Fluorescent tubes were all standardised with almost identical lumen outputs and consumptions, however, the migration towards LED and the rapid replacement of T5 technology has resulted in a chaotic mix of lumen packages, wattages and efficacies. I can tell you that the days of specifying lighting for particular applications with wattages and efficacies are gone. The most effective and accurate method of specifying LED luminaires that will always meet your requirements is to use Lumen Packages.

Don’t believe me? Check out the top three reasons why I recommend to my clients that they specify in Lumen Packages.

  1. It’s Faster and Simpler
    When you’re producing lighting calculations to determine the suitability of the luminaire in question, sitting there and converting the wattages, lumen packages and efficacy is time-consuming and it’s easy to become confused. The truth is, by focusing on Lumen Packages you can gain all the information you need while having more control over your design. Simply choose your lumen package and we will provide you with the relevant consumption and efficacy values.
  2. You Have More Control
    LED is not only rapidly improving in efficiency, but also in versatility. The latest generation of constant current drivers allows lumen output adjustment in increments of every 5-10%. This not only allows designers to pinpoint the correct lumen package for the application but also ensures that there is no energy wastage. Using lumen packages ensures your comfort driven lighting design turns into a beautiful installation!
  3. Ensures Your Design Is Future-Proofed
    Future proofing the lighting design and ensuring that the best available technology is used is becoming increasingly difficult – especially with new, tighter regulations coming into play over the next few years. Using lumen packages when specifying your design will ensure the advancements in technology over the period of the project do not alter the finished product from the design intent. This also ensures that all fittings are using the best, most efficient technology available when ordered.

With new technologies emerging every day, it’s important to find a consistent and more accurate way to specify lighting for your design – not only making your process easier but also future-proofing the design itself. Of course, if you have a project coming up that you’re not quite sure about or you want more information about using Lumen Packages to specify your next design, you are welcome to call me today on 0430 951 700.