Leading The Way For Australian Architects

Shannan Golding, the Assistant Manage for the AIS, tells us about an easier method to stay ahead of changing Australian standards.

In light of recent industry events, there’s been a call for an investigation into the regulations for Architects and other building professionals. We sat down with Shannan Golding, the Assistant Manager of the Architectural Information Services (AIS) to find out how Australian Architects can avoid being negatively impacted by changing industry standards.

After the tragic London high-rise fire in June, there have been reports that the exterior panelling used in their renovations last year may have been against British building regulations. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident with similar stories appearing in Australia over the last few years.

This has left the general populous asking why a building would be constructed with materials that are outdated and don’t meet the Australian Standards.

Modern day society is evolving quickly, and unfortunately, the building design industry is not immune. Architects have been left with the near-impossible task of keeping up with ever-changing Australia standards and products.

The AIS is a firm believer that the best method to keep up to date with changing trends continues to be CPD training.

Leading the way for Australian Architects, the AIS provides them with only the latest information in an enjoyable environment. So when the need arose for an easier method to obtain CPD points, Shannan began working on the solution.

AIS currently offers a CPD menu with an array of different formal presentations that Architecture firms can pick and choose from on an on-demand basis. To compliment this approach, the AIS is introducing flexible workshops with an array of presenters and topics.

Shannan advocates that the benefit of this method is the simplicity – Architects can spend one day and obtain up to 6 formal CPD points they need on the hot topics in the industry.

After running these workshops in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth last year and having 60 – 80 attendees per workshop, the AIS is about to release 2018 dates for Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Hobart. To RSVP your place, contact Shannan on 0405 120 713 or you can send her an email at