Non-Maintained vs Maintained Emergency Lighting

The important difference that could change your design for the better.

It’s a well-known fact that emergency lighting is required to meet BCA standards. There are, however, only a few people that truly understand the difference between non-maintained and maintained emergency lighting systems, and the importance this has on the effectiveness of their overall design.

A non-maintained emergency is only activated during a power outage, whereas maintained emergency can be used as part of your everyday lighting.

There are different types of non-maintained emergency luminaires, such a free-standing, self-contained units like Spitfires. Another option is adding LED boards into an extra section of your luminaire that will appear dark during day to day use. When choosing non-maintained emergency lighting, you’re adding another component that can not only seem cluttered to the eye, but also requires more time to install.

Maintained emergency lighting is integrated into your luminaire, allowing for uninterrupted linear lighting. You can hide the emergency component within your light fitting, leaving the focus on your design.

There’s been an industry shift towards maintained emergency lighting because it’s easy to organise and results in a clean looking ceiling. By engaging an mLight Product Consultant, you can take the hassle out of emergency lighting while being sure the end result will meet BCA Standards. With a classification of C0: D32 and C90: D32, and by simplifying the installation process, our Kleo LED’s maintained emergency lighting solution is both beautiful and functional.

The clean finish of maintained emergency lighting leaves you free to do what you do best. For more information on integrating our Kleo LED and it’s maintained emergency lighting solution into your next project, call us on 03 8786 3311.