Fountain Gate

Shopping Centre, Narre Warren

Where most might view darkness as troubling or terrifying, mLight sees it as an opportunity to shine. Our work in the Fresh Food Market section of the Fountain Gate shopping centre was one such opportunity.

At the time, the section was lit in such a way that the ground luminance levels required extra help from supplementary lights to bring it up to the same levels as the rest of the centre, and our client Wood & Grieve approached us to resolve the issue. Specifically, our installation would need to properly highlight the architecture of the space, ease the transition from exterior lighting to interior and throw light back up to the ceiling, all the while maintaining uniformity with the rest of the centre’s light levels.

We certainly do love a challenge.

Using the LED Kleo with a Round Proud Diffuser fitting, we managed to resolve all the issues the client wanted to address. With a drop down, semi-circular diffuser, this fitting allows the LED’s beam to spread in multiple directions, thus throwing light across the ceiling, walls and other surfaces previously bathed in darkness.

Today’s lighting designers are always wanting ways to illuminate more than just the floor as this sense of lighting uniformity has been shown to create an air of comfort in any given space. As you can see, the LED Kleo in combination with the Round Proud Diffuser accomplished just that in the Fresh Food Market.

By generating 30% more light within the Fresh Food Market, our luminaire brings the interior lighting closer in line with the exterior, and increases customer comfort by easing the adjustment on the eyes when entering and exiting the space.

Photography by Rob Letizi

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