IGA Supermarket

Green Square

The Green Square apartment complex in Abbotsford Victoria is a staple of contemporary inner city living. So much so in fact, it has its very own IGA grocery shop, and our clients, Peter Harvey & Co, needed a luminaire solution worthy of such a stunningly modern location.

Thankfully, top quality lighting is our bread and butter.

We had to consider what an IGA needs from its lighting. The location had to feel bright and inviting. Patrons would be there to collect their daily groceries, so clearly highlighting shelving and signage would be of high importance. At the same time, any shadows need to be kept to a minimum.

Our Prime LED is designed for exactly this kind of situation, conceived to be the ultimate luminaire for a retail space. Its powerful beam covers a wider area thanks to the Prime’s angular shape, efficiently illuminating shelves and greatly reducing shadows.

Combined with in-built emergency lights and dimmers, Prime has everything a retail outlet needs.

Our Outcome

The Solution

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