Match & Co Cafe

Dingley Village, Victoria

Aside from the food, the location and, of course, the coffee, we tend to forget about the importance of the vibe of a café. A café should feel inviting, relaxing and impressive, and that’s exactly what we strove for in our work with BMA Architects on the Match & Co café in Dingley, Victoria.

With our Advance LEDs, we were able to compliment the beautiful natural lighting brought in by the venue’s street facing windows. Positioned above the key areas in the space, the tables, the food counter and coffee machine, the Advance covers the whole space in a comforting, warm glow.

The fittings have been suspended from the ceiling, fitting right in with the clean yet industrial aesthetic of the building. The long luminaire above the food counter highlights the tasty treats on offer and makes the impressive wine selection shine. And as for being positioned above the coffee machine, well we all certainly want the barista to clearly see what they’re doing as they whip up a delicious brew.

It just goes to show our luminaires can be suited to any location, from offices to weekend hotspots. The Advance is always up to the task.

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