Wyndham Vale Primary School

It’s been well established that the architectural design of an education space is just as important to student development as high quality facilities, curriculum, and teachers. An integral part of any building’s design is its lighting, and we are very proud to have been able to provide the clients, Haskell Architects, with a luminaire solution that did their incredible work at Wyndham Vale South Primary School justice.

Part of Haskell Architects’ design was having a central, collaborative zone connecting and unifying the surrounding classrooms. To highlight this theme, hexagon shapes were used throughout the architecture and carpets, bringing strong visual diversity to the space. Our contribution was to supply the incredible hexagon lights hovering over the communal zone.

Our Advance LED was up to the challenge. Our ability to customise our fittings in-house made creating the hexagon shapes an easy task. We then wire suspended them from the indented circles in the ceiling, lowering them to the optimal position for light efficiency and presentation. The hard edges of the hexagon project strong beams and spread the Advance’s warm glow to all corners of the space.

An elegant lighting solution, giving the students of Wyndham Vale South Primary the best environment for their learning.

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