Behind The King Of Task Lighting

Listen to our interview with the Product Designer behind the Vantero, Nathan Pleming

Interview Transcript

Lindsey: Welcome everyone to the inside scoop on mLight’s latest innovation in commanding task light equilibrium, the Vantero. My name’s Lindsey Leigh Hobson and I’m the Marketing Coordinator here at mLight. And today we’re talking to our Design Engineer behind the Vantero, Nathan Pleming. Welcome Nathan!

Nathan: Thanks Lindsey, it’s great to be here.

Lindsey: So, how long have you been working with mLight?

Nathan: I joined mLight in October 2014 – so I’ve been at mLight for about 3 and a half years.

Lindsey: And what other mLight products have you designed?

Nathan: Apart from the Vantero, I’ve been responsible for the design of the Swerve profile, the LED Batten, the Bertha profile, and the mConnect Joining System.

Lindsey: So, what was the inspiration for you when you were designing the Vantero?

Nathan: The Vantero was conceived to allow Lighting Designers to place light in their chosen locations within the space. It was sort of the result of conducting market research and speaking to Architects, and Engineers, and Lighting Designers – which showed us they were looking for a bit more from their linear lighting, and wanting more options in terms of control of light.

Lindsey: So, did you have any requirements in particular that you were looking to fulfil with the design of the Vantero?

Nathan: Yeah, to be able to offer a variety of light distributions in a linear fitting, we had to research and evaluate optic lenses to find a lens system that offers numerous distribution options. The chosen solution that we went with also had to allow for easy assembly during manufacture, and removal for servicing. In addition to offering more linear lighting options, we also wanted to integrate single point light sources into the fitting. And again researched and selected two suitable options. The first of which was to offer a fixed downlight, and the second was to offer a positional spotlight with pan and tilt capabilities.

Lindsey: So, when you were doing your research, and you started putting the Vantero together, did you come across any challenges?

Nathan: Yeah, the main challenge with the Vantero design was to conceive both surface mount and recessed bodies that had the flexibility to accommodate the linear diffuser, or linear lenses, and point source lighting into a profile width of 105mm. The Vantero offers 5 direct lighting lens options, together with a 6th indirect lighting option that spreads light uniformly across the ceiling space, eliminating hot beams above the fitting. We also had to accommodate emergency lighting components, and allow for optional IP versions of the fitting. And another goal of the design was to minimise discomfort glare. This was achieved by recessing lenses into the body to reduce visibility of the LED point source. And, we also designed an optional louvre to further reduce cut off angles for glare critical installations.

Lindsey: And how would you describe the finished Vantero?

Nathan: I’m excited because I think the Vantero offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of component choices that allow it to be tuned to suit many lighting applications. There’s not many linear lighting products that can offer a selection of up to 6 light distributions out of the same continuous profile, and offer the option of integrated downlights into the same package.

Lindsey: And there you have it – the Vantero as seen through the eyes of the Product Designer himself. A big thank you to Nathan for sharing his journey in creating the King of task lighting.

To allow a mLight Product Consultant to create equilibrium between low glare recessed lenses and high contrast integrated downlight using the Vantero for you, call 03 8786 3311 or email