Flexibility today and tomorrow

mLight Touch is an integrated smart lighting ecosystem

Flexible, multi-functional spaces drive modern workplace design and the necessity of lighting to adapt has been met with the mLight Touch smart ecosystem. Designed to future-proof lighting installations, the mLight Touch Ecosystem is just as easy to install in new builds as in retrofit scenarios.

How it works

Integrating light with life, beautifully

Ease of installation and scalability makes the mLight Touch a convenient and future-proof solution. Created on reliable Zigbee wireless technology, the mLight Touch uses a mesh network for increased adaptability and expandability so luminaires, sensors or switches can easily be added or removed as requirements change. Sensors can be integrated within the luminaire so there is no additional wiring; simply search and add to the network. Seamlessly bring together a complete lighting solution without the need for costly data wiring.

Let’s get started

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