Evolved from products past, and designed for the forward-thinking innovators of Australia’s design and construction world, the team at mLight are proud to introduce Kleo X - the new face of commercial, education, and healthcare task lighting.

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The Kleo X is engineered on a results-driven foundation, with every detail considered along the journey through installation, to everyday use, and the comfort of the end user.  

Comprised of RotaTech mechanisms for streamlined installation and servicing, LightLock joiner technology for uninterrupted, seamless lengths, and our Photron Chamber for highly efficient output without compromising quality on the evenly lit diffuser.  

Pair your Kleo X with the mLight Touch Ecosystem, and create a powerfully efficient lighting solution driven by smart technology.

With every detail considered, the Kleo X is the ultimate blend of high performance and versatile luminaire for you.

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