Striking in its simplicity, Ligera represents the ultimate combination of versatility, quality and affordability. Combine a practical array of modular lengths and various mounting solutions to fit any project, whether it’s essential task lighting or long, seamless linear.

Designed to be modular, Ligera offers a modest price, whether a single working module or continuous linear run. Configure and combine single Ligera modular lengths of 4 boards, 8 boards, and 12 boards. For your convenience, we also provide a custom length module.

Ligera’s modular lengths are designed specifically to be installed with ease, while eliminating light leakage at the joins. Our mConnect™ system makes assembly, installation and maintenance as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Engineered to achieve our specific blend of white, the light chamber scatters and reflects allowing for a beautiful, evenly lit diffuser. To take it further, Ligera uses the latest LED boards and drivers combined with end-caps that are able to eliminate any diffuser gaps at either end.

The Ligera range fits a wide range of projects; Ligera 80mm and 50mm profile for your basic light necessities, while Ligera 16mm with a variety of profiles and components emphasise details on your space economically.

Whether it’s surface mounted, starring in small recessed gaps, or on the corner of your space, Ligera 16 fits all small spaces - and smaller budgets - with beautiful, high quality light.

White, Tunable White, and RGB choices allow you to personalise the light temperature of your space, and make it as bright as you like with optional dimming feature. Pair it with a CRI of 90+ to convey the true colour of any objects and details

Top-notch quality can come with economical value; Ligera has the efficiency you need in a lighting solution.

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