Advance Surface Mounted

Compact in size and born to task light, the Advance is our client’s number one choice for creating custom shapes in commercial spaces. Includes multiple mounting options, IP rating and indirect lighting possibilities.

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Advance Surface Mounted

Created from the ground up around LED technology, the compact Advance has been punching well above its weight since its inception as our first LED profile. With a unique design that allows the entire body of the fitting to act as a heat sink for the LED boards, performance and endurance are a given. Although task lighting is its primary goal, this nimble fitting has been used in a wide range of applications, including highly custom shapes.


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  • Easily creates custom shapes with mitre joins available in a range of angles
  • Many finishing options, including an array of powder coat colours, as well as anodised
  • Multiple mounting options, including suspended, surface mounted, wall mounted, and recessed
  • IP rated options available
  • Numerous lumen packages and driver dimming options available, including DALI and SwitchDIM