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The redesign of Arcadis Design & Consultancy's Brisbane office had to complement the company’s core value – their commitment to sustainability through design.

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Arcadis Design & Consultancy

Arcadis Design & Consultancy has been an Australia/Pacific industry leader for over 70 years.  When it came to redesigning their Brisbane office, they knew their design had to complement the company’s core value – their commitment to sustainability through design.

Nirul Singh, the Graduate Building Engineer at Arcadis who worked on the Electrical component of the project says “we wanted to create a sleek and modern yet natural vibe in the Brisbane office”. By providing cosy meeting areas and bringing a touch of the outdoors in, the final result inspires collaboration in a relaxed environment.

Nirul told us that as a global company, it was important that their Arcadis offices follow a common theme.  As a result, different textures were used to define working areas with pops of the company orange brought in to create a visually appealing and inviting space.

With such an important and beautiful design, our lights had to be the perfect match for the style and the requirements of the space.

The mLight products help provide that sophisticated and modern look,” Nirul says, “they prove to be a versatile option easily switching between both feature lighting and supplemental lighting.”

While you’ll find our Kleo LED’s illuminating numerous different workspaces throughout the building, our Product Consultant for the project believes the stand out space is the contemporary kitchen area. Here he worked closely with Nirul to ensure our Advance LED’s complemented the dark ceiling beams and the overall welcoming atmosphere of the project.

Nirul went on to say that he highly appreciated the level of professionalism and customer service they received from the mLight team. “The support provided was both genuine and quick as they ensured they went above and beyond every time.”

Needless to say that we are proud to have our Kleo and Advance LED’s incorporated in such a beautifully natural and inviting design as the Arcadis Brisbane office. We look forward to working with Nirul and his team again in the future.

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