Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Queensland - Brisbane

The Swerve 47 flawlessly captured the essence of the curvature design concept proposed by the architects.

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Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Our R&D team loved the challenge and delivered a concept product using our Swerve 47 profile as a low voltage solution with external drivers at a radius of 320mm, providing a combined lumen package of 2660lm/m. mLight successfully delivered 150 units that run through the science labs at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. The end result is superb, providing a non-traditional lighting solution that perfectly complements the state-of-the-art science labs and the curvature principle applied throughout the concept of the building. This is an excellent example of mLight’s dedication to delivering customisations for our products to meet specific architectural design principles

Architect: m3Architecture

Electrical Engineer: JHA

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Brisbane Girls Grammar School Brisbane Girls Grammar School