Vision Eye Institute

New South Wales

With bright colours and contrasting patterns, the Vision Eye Institute design brings a sense of energy as it's patients easily navigate throughout the space thanks to NTC Architects and LCI Consultants in New South Wales.

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Vision Eye Institute

mLight Vision Eye Institute Online Case StudyVision Eye Institute’s commitment to clinical and scientific excellence has seen them become the largest provider of ophthalmic services in Australia. With a vision to transform lives, the design by NTC Architects and LCI Consultants is striking with its bright colours and contrasting patterns.

The branding of Vision Eye Institute, prominently yellow and blue, is integrated into the design. Gradient shades of blue are found within squares on the carpet, and yellow are scattered throughout the space in the seating and also powder coating the luminaires. Vertical wood panelling creates contrast and visual interest in the space, and along the white walls.

Compact in size, our Advance LED is perfect for creating task light shapes. And the Advance is completely in its element at the Vision Eye Institute. The same continuous length extends down the halls, bouncing off the walls and around the corner, seamlessly diffused and perfectly joined. These striking features are easily perceived by patients, creating a sense of energy as they are guided through the building.

mLight Product Consultant, Christopher Toth, worked to bring the lighting design proposed by NTC Architects and LCI Consultants to life. Chris says “The result is a cleverly thought out design that represents Vision Eye Institute while being elegantly suited to the patients using the space.”

If you are looking to incorporate boldly coloured, custom shaped luminaries in your next project, then contact mLight on +613 8786 3311 to have one of our Product Consultants bring your design to life.

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