Committed to the future of connectivity

mLight Touch is an integrated smart lighting ecosystem

Designed from the ground up, and using Philips sensor and driver technology, the innovative mLight Touch ecosystem comes FREE with the installation of Philips Sensors in your mLight lighting projects.

Features Include:

  • Daylight harvesting
  • Live Analytics and reporting
  • Occupancy interactivity
  • Energy saving
  • Zigbee wireless technology
  • Mesh networking
  • Independent and group control
  • IOS and Android enabled Application
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Multi control
  • After installation commissioning
  • On/Off & dimming light control
  • Up to 300 devices in network


How it works

Integrating light with life, beautifully

Integrating light with life beautifully isn’t simply something we say at mLight. It’s our reason for being. Our DNA. And in this new era of fast-paced technological advancements, today mLight has evolved to connect you with tomorrow’s luminaries on a whole new level.

Designed from the ground up, the mLight Touch is a living lighting control system bringing the power of light directly to you. Live data reporting and analytics compliment the system with the use of mobile technology, sensors and a secure, local control device.

Created on a reliable Zigbee network, your mLight Touch allows you to create dynamic light control groups on a mesh network for high volumes of luminaries through your building. Or you can adjust your lighting independently. Use it to dim and brighten your space according to your needs, otherwise allow our daylight harvesting feature to do it for you. Take advantage of the occupancy setting to switch on and off as you move through your space.

With mLight Touch, you can enjoy after installation commissioning and the freedom to adjust your lighting as required right from the palm of your hand. All this is without the expensive price tag – bringing high level control and experience even to your smaller installations.

The mLight Touch allows you to integrate light with life at the touch of a button. mLight is committed to your success and proudly bring you this future of connectivity.


Let’s get started

To take advantage of the FREE mLight Touch Ecosystem with any installation of Philips SNS 300 sensors on your mLight installation, please complete the form below, call +613 8786 3311, or email us at